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Natalie Manly – Report – April 2016

By 4th July 2016July 26th, 2016Reports
Acupuncture detoxification needle

Natalie Manly – Community Group Worker – Glasgow Council on Alcohol

I am the new Community Group Worker at Glasgow Council on Alcohol (GCA). I completed my training with Steve Pinnington on the 4th March 2016. At the time GCA had a group which I was involved with on a Friday. I spoke to the group about Acu-detox and the great benefits which they could expect from it. I set up a timetable offering Acu-detox 3 times per week. I began the Acu-detox clinic on the 22/03/2016 and to the present date I have given Acu-detox to 9 service users. All of them have given positive feedback;

Here are some of the service user’s comments below:

“I feel really relaxed after the acupuncture and Qi Gong”

“I have suffered from chronic tinnitus in my ear and it has started to improve for the first time in years, after 4 treatments of acupuncture”

“I feel tingling energy in my hands during the Qi going”

“I feel so relaxed now that I am no longer taking my sleeping tablets to get to sleep” (after 5 treatments)

“During the Qi gong, I felt as if I had a balloon of energy between my hands- I am less sceptical now as I really believe I can feel an improvement. During the meditation I am able to pull myself back from my thoughts much quicker – I have never been so still in my life”

“In my first week of Acu-detox I fell asleep in the meditation. That night I went home and had the best sleep I have had in years. (After 4 treatments) I felt steady, sedated during meditation and in the zone. Once I focussed I felt like I was floating in the chair. The pain in my leg is gone, tension in my neck is gone – I feel focussed on the positives and the bigger things wash away, I am now able to stabilize things.”

“I have found two sessions very helpful and relaxation levels have improved. I would recommend anyone to have acupuncture”

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