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The newly established NADA Scotland

By 7th July 2012July 13th, 2016News

Welcome to the newest member of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) International community, NADA Scotland.

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the newly established NADA Scotland. Steve Pinnington and Tom Warburton have been working closely with Dr Elizabeth Stuyt (President of the board of directors of NADA USA) regarding setting up NADA Scotland. NADA USA has given their blessing and their support to the newly formed NADA Scotland.

We have all worked hard over the last 10 years establishing NADA Acu-detox treatment programs into the Scottish services, setting up the Scottish Acupuncture Forum and taking NADA 5-point Acu-detox protocols to new levels in Scotland.

NADA Scotland would like to continue with the hard work the Scottish Acupuncture Forum started and to continue their aims.

NADA Scotland’s aims:

  • To evaluate NADA Scotland Acu-detox programs, record our findings to contribute to evidence based data regarding the effectiveness of Acu-detox and recovery.
  • To continue to talk to all MSP regarding making Acu-detox an integral part of “the new drug strategy for Scotland”.

New changes for NADA Scotland:

  • NADA Scotland regional assessors now have free membership.
  • We have now added a page to the NADA Scotland website with contact details and photos of local assessors to make annual re-assessment much easier.
  • We have recently procured an insurance package for our NADA Scotland members with a new NADA Scotland insurance policy costing £49.75 per year with a £5 million cover. We will try to have details of the policy on the NADA Scotland website that can be downloaded as soon as possible.

NADA Scotland is still in its early days and there is still a lot of work to be done but, we are moving in the right direction. We would like our NADA Scotland members to be become more involved in NADA Scotland, so if you would like to volunteer to represent NADA Scotland in some way or have ideas that can take NADA Scotland forward we would love to hear from you.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our NADA members and the services for your dedication and support over the years we would not be where we are today without your hard work.